The Helm Consultancy has a variety of publishing options to help your brand or business. With years of experience of planning and buying, we are in a perfect place to advise you on our audience. 


This is Our Town

The online South West London community hub – a top digital and social publisher, with websites and social media presence for Kingston, Richmond, Wimbledon, Elmbridge, Putney and Guildford. With collectively over 50,000 followers on Facebook and 70,000 unique web users, this is a perfect place to gain access to this affluent area of the country.

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Mature Times

With the fastest growing digital market being the over 50s, Mature Times (now in its 23rd year) is the perfect place to get your brand across to this audience. Operating across both print and digital platforms; with a website attracting over 30,000 unique users, a strong email database of over 60,000 and 200,000 subscribers to the newspaper, this media outlet is one of the biggest players and most respected in the over 50s market.

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Our Digital Advertising Vans

We recently invested into digital screened vans with on-board wifi analytics. These vans offer the perfect mobile outdoor solution for your brand. With the option of having them anywhere in the country for solo campaigns, or inner London on a shared campaign, starting from just £150 a day we really are pushing the boundaries of what outdoor mobility can do for your brand.


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